in his clothes

dlb has been looking for a new pair of cargo shorts. so, today when I clicked on J. Crew’s men section, I found this amazing set of things that I would want all for myself if they were women’s things. maybe I’d even sport a pair of men’s cargos like the time back in college, during my long employment at ANF, when we all wore the boy camo cargos from the kids store with cute lace camis. I could rock it.
hm…. maybe I’ll just stick to letting dlb wear the pants. and the real Air Force aviators please. with brown leather flip flops.
{from j. crew}

9 Responses to “in his clothes”

  1. Jessie Cacciola said:

    this looks pretty great.
    - Jessie -

  2. Anonymous said:

    the airfocre thing works for me..


    I do have to admit, the texture and color scheme of this list really appeals to me too!

    Thanks for linking me on your page! I just linked yours – I’m sorry for the delay, my link box got deleted for some time and I had to re-add all my friends!


  4. Mrs.French said:

    Wonderful! Mr. French would look handsome in all of these pieces. I love JCrew..so timeless!

  5. jenny gordy said:

    ugh, i LOVE the J.Crew men’s fashions. they make my heart go all atwitter. joe doesn’t like j.crew unfortunately. he just has something against it, but i can’t figure out what. i always buy him stuff from there anyways for christmas and birthdays, and he ends up liking the stuff.

    dude, i TOTALLY used to wear boys cargo shorts with tank tops when i was in college too! i thought it was super sexy until joe said i looked “butch”. he was joking, but that’s the last time i wore them! : )

  6. Krissy said:

    Love that roundup of naturally light and airy menswear. Not often are mens clothes quite as appealing :)

  7. Hey, It's Ansley said:

    What a great collection. I love guys in leather flip flops!

  8. Hey, It's Ansley said:

    What a great collection. I love guys in leather flip flops!

  9. Joanna Goddard said:

    wow, this is really nice. the colors are wonderful.