milk eggs chocolate

it’s Tuesday! and you know what that means? it’s time for the first of the new things from Unruly Things. I am pleased as punch to introduce you to, Milk + Eggs + Chocolate, the newest food and drink blog, by me! I really enjoy cooking and I really enjoy sharing things that I’ve cooked. for awhile now, I’ve been debating adding a new food feature into Unruly Things, but didn’t want it to become a catch all blog and deter from the shopping/style focus that I like to write about. so, I decided, why not move all of my food talk to another blog?

so here you have it. Milk + Eggs + Chocolate. you’ll find hearty soups, vegetarian delights, tasty seafood, cookies, cookies, cookies, and an occasional beer review. check it out. I’ll be there on Tuesdays.

10 Responses to “milk eggs chocolate”

  1. Sarah said:

    I am so excited about the new blog! Can’t wait to read it! What a great idea! :)

  2. lucy said:

    yay! how exciting!

  3. Jess said:

    yea! so cute.


  4. Anonymous said:

    Youppi! Another place to read you!!

  5. In(side) the Loop said:

    Oh how adorable! I love it. Looking forward to some new recipes. Happy Cooking.

  6. amy said:

    fun. good for you alyson.

  7. Joslyn said:

    so cool! love the banner and love that first recipe. yum!

  8. barbjensen said:

    I just came across your blog via bliss. I will be back often, it’s very nice. Wow, 1000 posts; impressive!
    I am inspired to perhaps move my food musings to their own blog too. I write about ‘art in daily life’, which to me includes food, but it is a bit confusing because most of my posts are about pots and tile and handmade things.
    I’m adding you to my blogroll, assuming you have no objection.

  9. Beth said:

    The banner is very cute. I like your use of different fonts. I too have a craft blog and a food blog. I have a hard time keeping up with both though.