more headers!

Traci of bliss asked me for a custom header a few weeks ago, and as usual, I created three designs for her to choose from. and that girl, she was so in love with these two headers, she bought them both! Traci, a local to Portland, has a bliss-ful blog where she writes about her finds and inspirations. she’s got a feature to help brighten up our Mondays called, “I Heart Monday” because, she really does!
Sarah of Serendipity wanted something simple and striking, yet girly and classic. Sarah also writes about what inspires her and a little bit about her daily life. Sarah and I worked hard together to come up with the perfect fit for her blog. I’m glad she went away happy!!
you know, one of my favorite things about showing you the headers I’ve designed is possibly introducing you to a new blogger! during my process of designing, I really get to know each person, if just a little bit through email chat back and forth, and since I feel like I already know them, and really like them, I bet you will too!
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

I just added three new pre-designed headers to my shop. these headers are $25 and can be customized with your blog name and colors. go check them out for more info.
as always, to see more of my designs, please check out my tag, sunali.

10 Responses to “more headers!”

  1. Tartelette said:

    I love the second header you designed for bliss. Gorgeous!

  2. danielle said:

    They are all adorable!

  3. simplesong said:

    love all of these!

  4. diana @ please sir said:

    These are great – good work!

  5. Sarah said:

    Thank you for the lovely comment and even more the beautiful work!

  6. jenny gordy said:

    alyson, you’re so talented i can hardly stand it! i love those blogs, thanks for the introduction.

  7. Mrs.French said:

    Thank you for the sweet words about my blog…you are such a talent. Both of my headers make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  8. Aran said:

    I really really love all of them but the second one of the “customize this” group is my favorite. Love the flowers! I am definitely hiring you soon. Like Lindsey said, a blog can’t only have one outfit!

  9. Krissy said:

    It is so cute, and really fits her blog nicely. Doesn’t she have the most blissful blog ever?!

  10. Cicada Studio said:

    Ah ha! You’re the talent that Ms. French hired. Well done! And SUCH a lovely blog.