right this second…

I’m la-la-loving:
the sunshine in Portland.
{yep, I did the la-la-la. you’ve got me saying it now, Jamieanne.}
flowers. flowers. flowers. flowers.
and did I mention flowers?

I’m listening to:
Basia Bulat. she’s absolutely fantastic.

I really enjoyed:
peeking into her studio.

I promise:
next week I’ll bring you a new feature.

I’m looking forward to:
fun in the sun.
possibly hitting up Deschutes. it’s finally open!
spending quality time with dlb.

happy friday friends!
{photo from the lovely clumsy bird}

7 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Secrets & Tea said:

    That first picture link to the flowers is beautiful.

  2. Cloverity said:

    I’m loving those shoes.

  3. my love for you. said:

    i love that first photo. it’s just perfect for spring right now.

  4. miss tiffany said:

    i love your posts, just found your blog and absolutely loved it. i’ve added you to my blog roll. i do hope to hear from you soon.

    (by the way, love your pix!)

  5. pia said:

    what a beautiful image. hope you’ve had a fab weekend.

  6. natalie blair said:

    thank you, thank you, thank you… yet again, for such wonderful music to listen to! i la-la-la-love your blog! :D

  7. juliet small ernst said:

    la-da-da by basia bulat is rhan & i’s love song.

    so beautiful!