right this second…

I’m happy happy happy:
that it’s friiiiday!!! tra la la la!

I’m happily happily:
working on pretty things for nice ladies.

I’m thinking about:
picnics. with perfect picnic blankets.
crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies.
saturday farmer’s market and brunch with Jess.
V A C A T I O N!

I am in LOVE with:
these necklaces.

I’m really excited about:
milk + eggs + chocolate.
{and I hope you are too!}

happy friday, friends!! don’t forget to sign up for the calling card give-away! deadline is Sunday, 5pm PST.
{photo from nathiya}

8 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Sabina said:

    I love when I find a new blog. One with personality that catches my attention and then holds it as I peurse the posts and this is one such blog!! I’m bookmarking you and will return again to read and see more!

  2. pve design said:

    hope you had a fine friday. love the header that you did for bliss and yours is sweet too.

  3. Sweetest Petula said:

    just ran across your blog. It is so pretty and delicate. I love it and will be back for more.

  4. Aran said:

    I’m really excited about all those things as well… picnic blankets remind me of The Sound of Music and large open green fields. Beautiful necklace too. And I’m really excited about Milk Eggs and Chocolate! yes, yes, yes!

  5. Jessica said:

    I adore your calling card idea. I love the necklaces as well. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

  6. Joanna Goddard said:

    love this photo! hope you had a great weekend xo

  7. Amanda said:

    Thank you again for the pretty banner you did for me. it’s absolutely adorable and what I wanted. Your banner is pretty cute too missy!!