ruffled and flirty

I only wish I had a reason to purchase this hot teal dress.
{from shop bop}

6 Responses to “ruffled and flirty”

  1. Secrets & Tea said:

    I love that color especially.

  2. Lucy said:

    reason schmeason. buy it cause it’s pretty. :)

  3. In(side) the Loop said:

    that color!!!! it would look beautiful on you, that’s why you should buy it!

  4. Aran said:

    I just discovered your blog through Bliss and I am in love!!! What a beautiful and whimsical site…

  5. rachel said:

    i just discovered your blog too! :)

    lovely lovely dress.

  6. pve design said:

    Alright, I am a tall gal but I think this dress would be like eating a ruffles potato chip, I would have to have more than one.