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seventy and sunny

hi!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a jam packed, heat filled weekend of work and fun. and now that today is Monday, I can let you in on my little secret and very exciting news.
today, dlb and I are launching our {yes our… } new business, called Seventy and Sunny! we are so excited to be sharing this news with you. Seventy and Sunny is a creative design studio featuring web and print based designs. not only will we have completely customized options for any creation that you desire, but we will also be offering pre-designed items that you can customize to your own personal liking. within the next few weeks, our e-commerce site will be up and running, but for now our site links to our etsy page, which will remain holding the pre-designed headers and other pre-designed things. it also links to our blog where we will be posting shop updates and Seventy and Sunny news.
Sunali will still remain my namesake business and will include some exciting things in the next few months. but, I decided that it was time to move on to newer and bigger things. over the years, Sunali had evolved from a nickname for myself {SUN-ALI::ALY-SON} and the place holder for my college portfolio, into a little side business that recently started to take off. I’ve felt for awhile now that Sunali just really didn’t fit where I wanted the business to be going.

so! with the biggest smile on my face and the most appropriate weather, I introduce you to Seventy and Sunny. hip hip hoorah!!!!

studio website

p.s. skip on over to our blog for our first update and introductory special!!


photographer spotlight :: stephanie congdon barnes

since photography has become quite a love of mine, I’ve decided to add a new feature to unruly things for a bit of weekly eye candy. for the very first installment of photographer spotlight, I bring you the work of a very lovely and talented lady. we all know her from her daily posts at 3191 and her adorable plush animals. so, what better way to start off a series than with an inspiring photographer and artist like Stephanie Congdon Barnes. I love her eye for beauty and I’m always left smiling after viewing her photos. so here she is!

:: ::

what first sparked your interest in photography:
A desire to stop time.
what was your first camera:
Well, I had a point and shoot film camera in high school, but my NIkon D50 was my first SLR.
favorite thing to photograph:
My everyday life with my family.
favorite artist/photographer:
So hard as I’m influenced by so many in different ways! What attracts me to a photograph is usually a sense of intimacy or simplicity.

most memorable advice you’ve been given:
You can have the life you want.
advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Well, I only consider myself an aspiring photographer, but I would say to develop and nurture your own point of view. Photograph what you know and love and that reverence will show in your photographs.
favorite color:
robin’s egg blue
if you could eat only one thing:
Hmmn, something sweet/spicy/salty…spiced sugared almonds?
something you can’t live without:
on repeat from your headphones:
“A Bird Flies By” by Port O’Brien

what inspires you:
The natural world, domesticity and food, childhood, light, simplicity, nostalgia…{all photos from stephanie’s flickr stream}