canon ft

hi! I forgot to tell you that I got a film camera! this past weekend, I was hanging out with Jess and I pulled out my Canon FT and she said, “why haven’t you blogged about it yet”? and to be quite honest, I simply forgot!
while I was in Florida visiting with my grandparents, I mentioned to my grandfather that I had been wanting to experiment with film. he replied, “well I’ve got an old film camera you can have if you want it”. my jaw just about dropped open because if you remember a little while back, I was scouting for a film camera.
so not only is the camera in tip top shape for being just about 50 years old, it came with just about any lens I’d need: 50mm, 28mm, 200mm, 17-85mm, and a multiplier AND macro rings.
so pleased and armed with a new-to-me film camera, I’ve already shot two rolls. you can see my film set here.

9 Responses to “canon ft”

  1. Chelsea said:

    That camera is so pretty!! I love your photo of it!! I do like your film photos too;) What sort of film do you use with it?

  2. amy said:


  3. alyson. said:

    thanks Chelsea! the first set of pictures from the camera were with 4 year old expired 400 speed film. it had been in the camera that long. the second set was with 200 speed Kodak film.

  4. Famapa said:

    oh alyson, I’m so happy for you! What a beauty it is too! My first camera was the Canon FTB, I was given it when I was 10 and I was a bit disappointed. I wanted a pink Konica Pop which was what all my friends had. Boy am I grateful that I didn’t get what I wanted! It took such brilliant pictures… Enjoy!

  5. I *Heart* You said:

    i have the same camera!!! love it!! mine is my parents from the 70’s but they bought it used so who knows how old it is!!

  6. stephanie said:

    don’t you just love shooting film!! i have a cannon ae1 that i will never let go… you can see some of my shots here if you’d like :)

  7. maddalenna said:

    I love it! I have my Dad’s old camera – a Canon A-1. A fraction as cool as yours. Have fun!

  8. Richie Designs said:

    I *heart* film

    I have A.D.D though when it comes to film vs digital. but my point and shoot is the best damn film camera in the world.

  9. pia said:

    congrats on your new/old toy! i just had a peek at your film sets – really beautiful. I love the airport lounge one, and the artichokes. looking forward to seeing more! px