sweet Erin from Design for Mankind has kindly asked me to participate in her on going series fittingly called, “the dailies”. the image above is a little sneak peak.
don’t know enough about me already? tune in tomorrow to read my daily.


9 Responses to “daily”

  1. Aran said:

    how exciting I can’t wait. sounds like a fun project.

  2. Chelsea said:

    Oooh. That’s cool!!!

  3. design for mankind. said:

    Eek! I’m so excited for the release, Alyson! :)

  4. Julia said:

    oh yeah! i love that feature on her blog. can’t wait to read yours!

  5. .Manon. said:

    oh how cool is that. I just love ‘the dailies’
    Can’t wait to read yours.

  6. Sarah said:

    That is so cool! Looking forward to reading the post :)

  7. Katrina said:

    i just found you through this post on design for mankind. i adored your post for the dallies! (nice to meet you here.)

  8. jo said:

    i read your daily yesterday and also today, i truly, truly enjoyed it! you live such a sweet life.

    i also leave work early on certain days to get to my yoga class on time :)

  9. Joslyn said:

    so cool alyson! i loved reading your daily…getting a little glimpse into your life.