good morning!!

how are you? I’m fine, great actually. I had a simply fantastic weekend that I couldn’t wait to tell you all about.
saturday, dlb and I took a trip up to the Gifford Pinchot National Forrest to hike a trail that I’d heard was quite amazing. Falls Creek Falls. maybe you’ve heard of it? if not, it’s pretty great. the trail is quite easy, only a few tough spots that go constantly uphill, but the work is worth it because at the top you are greeted with an incredible waterfall that drops into a huge punch bowl. we packed a lunch and enjoyed a chilly, breathtaking view of the waterfall.
as we were walking along the trail, we noticed a couple of little birds bobbing around on some logs. we stopped to watch them when I felt a sting on my shoulder. of course I screamed, thinking I’d been stung by something and whisked what I pictured to be a giant bug off my shoulder. it was actually a tiny bird that had land on my shoulder, and I guess it was his little claws that “stung” me! it couldn’t have been cooler.
we’ve already been making plans of going back to the area. there is so much to see and so many trails to explore. and besides, Stephanie informed me of a fantastic brewery near by. with a beer list like that, we’re bound to go back!
{image above is from my pine cone collection from saturday. I’m beginning to love pine cones}

8 Responses to “good morning!!”

  1. trupeach said:

    that waterfall looks amazing.

  2. Sara Christine said:

    A bird landed on your shoulder!! I thought things like that only happened in Disney princess movies. Consider yourself enchanted. :) Three cheers for a great weekend – makes me want to go outside immediately!

  3. Kate said:

    i miss hiking. and trees. and..nature in general!

  4. threelittlebirds said:

    sounds absolutely divine!

  5. Aran said:

    sounds like such a lovely place… i am a bit jealous right now.

  6. Emily said:

    I really like this photo of all the pine cones all in a row. The waterfall is breathtaking. Reading about your hikes has made me relise that I really should go on more hikes. I always enjoyed them.

  7. Frannie said:

    That waterfall is breathtaking! What I’d give to visit a place like that…I must find one around here! :D

  8. Jessica said:

    that sounds like an utterly delightful day. The waterfall sounds breathtaking….