grr… monday

the national weather service states that the HIGH today is 59 degrees with a 70% chance of rain.

so, I ask myself:
why did I wear a skirt without tights today?
why didn’t I bring a rain jacket?
why didn’t I pack a lunch?

because I’m refusing to believe that it’s not even going to be 60 degrees here today. it’s June. every one else is talking about sun and warmth when all I can think about are scarves, jackets, and wellies.
oh, I’m trying not to complain but, come on.

looks like a gray Monday! I just want to crawl back into bed…
{photo by Michelle. see her other lovely homes shots here}


13 Responses to “grr… monday”

  1. Teresa said:

    It’s 100 degrees and very very sunny here in northern VA. Perhaps I can package up some sunshine and heat and send it to you this afternoon.

    Your blog is lovely.

  2. erica said:

    Hmm, I think I need a grey weather vacation! Three days ago we were in the same boat, low 60s and rain, and then the temps shot up 40 degrees overnight. It’s 100 right now and windy. Not the good kind of wind, the hot furnace blast kind, actually.

    I would love to swap places with you for a week or two, I really need a break from this crazy New England weather!

  3. Chelsea said:

    My thoughts exactly. Someone just asked me if I was having a nice summer and I thought, “Summer, is it summer?”

  4. Joslyn said:

    it if makes you feel better i’m jealous. it’s hot in Texas. hot.

  5. That Girl Designs said:

    gee, its going to be 99 here today. can’t we meet somewhere in between?

  6. momquixote said:

    Ah, what my husband wouldn’t do for that weather! I myself am only slightly annoyed by the almost 100% humidity in hot South Florida. Either way, a gray day is always a little sad. Hang in there!

  7. lola olivia said:

    my morale is low… it really is dreary here lately. two years ago we had already had multiple days in the 100s by now… i can’t wait for sun!

  8. Collins said:

    How cold! You say only 60 and June already, and here in Georgia I say almost 100 and ONLY June! Wouldn’t 75 and sunny all year be nice!!!

  9. Kelly said:

    i feel your pain. but i was actually thrilled to wake up to a high of 75 and rain all day after days of 90-something degree weather!

  10. kellyr said:

    You are lucky. It’s a hot hot sweaty steam stink of a day in NYC! Can’t wait for fall. Sure you will feel the heat soon. Hang tough.

  11. Stacy Rae said:

    I’m feeling your pain. It’s pretty much the same here in Vancouver. I’m looking westward through the big picture windows where there is usually a bit of blue but I can’t see the ocean or mountains just grey, grey, grey and the rain has been torrential.

  12. Amy Nieto said:

    Ahh I can’t wait for Vegas’ 120 degree days next month. Such jolly old good times.

    Shoot me.

    And Vegas too.

  13. lola said:

    ugh.. the weather has been awful too down here in sydney! global warming…?