I heart food

Flora tagged me to answer these food related questions. since she and the girl before her illustrated their answers, I thought I’d play along:

one food I dislike:

three of my favorite foods:
my favorite recipe:
my favorite drink:
the dish I wish I could cook right now:
my best food/drink memory:
thanks Flora! I had fun doing this. anyone else want to join in? you don’t need to illustrate your food if you don’t want to, I just think it’s fun!! consider yourselves tagged.


25 Responses to “I heart food”

  1. swell.life said:

    adorable graphics!

  2. Sarah said:

    mmmmm, I hope you’ll post the butternut squash soup recipe on Milk Eggs Chocolate

  3. Mrs.French said:

    Oh how I love this tag…your interpretation is wonderful!

  4. jo said:

    oh i love your illustrations!!!

  5. lauracrow said:

    i love the illustrations! butternut squash soup sounds lovely!

  6. Krissy said:

    I think you are my food loving twin! Cute illustrations!

  7. Hila said:

    I love these graphics!

  8. Flora D said:

    Excellent! Very cool illustrations.

    Ps: and I love cauliflower!

  9. Aran said:

    so clever and lovely…

  10. Fashion Addict said:

    i LOVE cherries and pizza!!!

    BTW, love your blog and the graphics are amazing!!! Love it all! I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with my blog, so please contact me later about it!

  11. ann said:

    i’m enjoying your blog a lot, and found this illustrated questionaire adorable! you have to share your recipe for gruyere croutons.

  12. Lee said:

    Awesome…and adorable.

  13. Fashion Addict said:

    thanks for adding my link!

  14. danica said:

    This is absolutely adorable. Love, love!

  15. Amy Nieto said:

    i HATE cauliflowers too!

    You know what you should do! make a little booklet/zine/whathaveyou of illustrated memes, from all the ones you have been tagged. i think that’d be neat.

    as if you had time to do things like this hehe

  16. Mme. Fabuleux said:

    This is so fun!
    You always do an amazing job with your illustrations! I had some spare time at work today (putting off things I really needed to do) and I caught up with your blog from the very beginning; which I never got the chance to do- and I loved it!! From beginning to current! It was really fun reading everything! Glad I got the chance to!

  17. Mme. Fabuleux said:

    Also, my hubs would love your beer taste.. he also loves trying beers from all over the world, his favorite thing about disney was trying beers from all over the world in Epcot- and found his fave in Morroco! ;)

    But, Kyle is also a fan of Dogfish Head IPA’s… we live only 20 miles from the actual dogfish head, so we visit often and try their new beer samples!!!

    One you might like too, if you haven’t tried it (I think it’s belgian) is Delirium. It’s very fun!

  18. milk tooth's rain said:

    beautiful graphics!

  19. milk tooth's rain said:

    beautiful graphics!

  20. milk tooth's rain said:

    beautiful graphics!

  21. milk tooth's rain said:

    beautiful graphics!

  22. milk tooth's rain said:

    beautiful graphics!

  23. milk tooth's rain said:

    beautiful graphics!

  24. bibliochef said:

    Hey, this is a great idea; I like the graphics and the questions. I will try it maybe at Cooking with Ideas eventually!

  25. ladybake said:

    Your illustrations are fantastic. Can I ask what program you use to make them? I have a macbook but I feel limited because I don’t have photoshop… I’m sure you’re super busy but if you have a moment I’d love to know. Thanks!