new built by you

two new patterns from the amazing Wendy. I love love love the looks of these.
{from simplicity}

8 Responses to “new built by you”

  1. Aran said:

    i so want to learn how to sew…

  2. E. said:

    Yay for new BBW patterns! Do you know if it’s available in fabric stores already? Both suit the summer weather with the exception of the long dress with 3/4 sleeves. I can’t wait.

    I just recently finished a dress from a different BBW pattern but I can’t use it until autumn because its sleeves 3/4 as well. And where I live, it’s nearing 100 degrees.

  3. Beth said:

    New BBW patterns is exciting! I’ve been wondering when they’d come out with some. I like the racerback on the left one. It’s a style I’ve had in mind recently!

  4. :: VEGA :: said:

    Her work is amazing!, thank you for posting this.

  5. david santos said:

    Excellent wor, Alyson!
    Thank you.
    Happy day

  6. ambika said:

    Love these! Hmm, the link isn’t working & they’re not on Wendy’s site. I’ll have to dig around Simplicity and hope they’re not sold out!!!

  7. Sara Christine said:

    Oh these patterns are awesome! I’m having trouble finding fun stylish things to sew, especially clothing. I want to make that little green dress! Great find.

  8. ::{J}:: said:

    What? I’m usually the first to know about Wendy’s stuff! I’m such a fan & glad you are too! I’m running out today to get them!!