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since photography has become quite a love of mine, I’ve decided to add a new feature to unruly things for a bit of weekly eye candy. for the very first installment of photographer spotlight, I bring you the work of a very lovely and talented lady. we all know her from her daily posts at 3191 and her adorable plush animals. so, what better way to start off a series than with an inspiring photographer and artist like Stephanie Congdon Barnes. I love her eye for beauty and I’m always left smiling after viewing her photos. so here she is!

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what first sparked your interest in photography:
A desire to stop time.
what was your first camera:
Well, I had a point and shoot film camera in high school, but my NIkon D50 was my first SLR.
favorite thing to photograph:
My everyday life with my family.
favorite artist/photographer:
So hard as I’m influenced by so many in different ways! What attracts me to a photograph is usually a sense of intimacy or simplicity.

most memorable advice you’ve been given:
You can have the life you want.
advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Well, I only consider myself an aspiring photographer, but I would say to develop and nurture your own point of view. Photograph what you know and love and that reverence will show in your photographs.
favorite color:
robin’s egg blue
if you could eat only one thing:
Hmmn, something sweet/spicy/salty…spiced sugared almonds?
something you can’t live without:
on repeat from your headphones:
“A Bird Flies By” by Port O’Brien

what inspires you:
The natural world, domesticity and food, childhood, light, simplicity, nostalgia…{all photos from stephanie’s flickr stream}


23 Responses to “photographer spotlight :: stephanie congdon barnes”

  1. Amy Nieto said:

    she’s so fantastic. definitely has always been an inspiration.

  2. Sarah said:

    Love the Q&A. I’m looking forward to this feature each week!

  3. Casey said:

    I’m looking forward to this weekly addition! :) And I just love her eye for beauty too…

  4. Julia said:

    these are great questions, and responses! and i love the photos you chose. stephanie’s work is so inspiring, thanks for bringing us a little behind the scenes of her inspirations and ideas. nice work alyson!

  5. d.Sharp said:

    This was wonderful! I love her work. Looking forward to this feature.

  6. michelle {lovely.little.things} said:

    What a lovely, genuine post. I love every picture.

  7. stephanie said:

    thank you so much alyson! i was so flattered to be asked. i love the selection of photos.

  8. Jessie Cacciola said:

    i love this new feature. great, simple questions. :)

  9. Molly said:

    Oh, what a good photographer to start with! : )

  10. quaint handmade said:

    i love reading about stephanie and how her answers are so succinct. thank you for this feature.

  11. stacy said:

    The photo of the girl in the bathtowel is perfect.

  12. Robin said:

    I loved this – I can’t wait to see who else you feature.

  13. pia said:

    wonderful idea, love this new feature. and this interview is fab! i adore stephanie’s work.

  14. Aran said:

    this is a great new segment alyson, i love it. i find her so inspirational… i share very similar sensibility… loved it!

  15. Krissy said:

    wow. these photos are amazing! great interview.

  16. sapatinhos de verniz said:

    nice pics!

  17. amy said:

    i love her photos. the bathtub one is so beautiful.

  18. Bonbon Oiseau said:

    This is a wonderful interview and I love the photography–so glad to have found your blog!

  19. fanny said:

    this was lovely; I’m now looking forward to the next q&a
    xx fanny

  20. Joanna Goddard said:

    what a great new feature. this was great, i love your questions.

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  22. Eliza said:

    Lovely. Thanks for posting this.

  23. Sheri said:

    this almost killed me and freed me at the same time. thank you for posting.