rad or bad fad?

yesterday after work, I walked over to J. Crew before heading to a night class that I’m taking. I wanted to kill some time and try on this yellow skirt I’ve been eying. the store I went to didn’t have the yellow skirt, but I think if I’d been a little bit more daring, I would’ve ended up with these in lemon twist, which is not nearly as neon in person as it appears online. but until I get the guts up to sport bright yellow pants, I’ll stick to my famous black wardrobe and spend my cash on smaller yellow things, like that skirt.

so readers… you weighed in your thoughts on birks, so… what do you think of bright colored pants? rad or bad fad? I’m hanging in the middle but I have to say, I really really liked those bright yellow pants.

{by the way, I tried on birks last weekend and decided that since #1. I can’t wear them to work and #2. they really don’t go with a lot of my clothes – so #3. I didn’t buy them.}
{from jcrew}

11 Responses to “rad or bad fad?”

  1. canyouhearme? said:

    i’ve been pondering this same dilemma lately. here’s my conclusion: if you can rock ‘em, then, by all means, go for it. this is the same conclusion i came to concerning skinny jeans.

  2. Amy Nieto said:

    ive always been very hesitant about color pants but Ive noticed the trend lately and paired with one of your nice neutral color tops it would look quite rad.

    oh and with an awesome turquoise blue bag. oh yes.

    also, just read your birk post. funny thing, i had never even heard of birkenstock till i moved to georgia in 2002.

  3. Sara Christine said:

    I think you really have to accessorize properly with bright colored pants, lest you look like a soccer mom on vacation at the Jersey Shore (or something like that…). That being said, those yellow pants are pretty fabulous and so fun for summer!

  4. Colleen said:

    Rad! I popped into the Gap to buy some t-shirts and bought a pair of red pants. I was very tempted by the green apple color as well.

  5. margaux said:

    i’ve actually been considering them for a while now as well. if i get them, i think they would look best with a really crisp white shirt, flats, and really classy accessories. the pop of color would be just wonderful for the summer!

    {btw i hope you don’t mind that i added your blog to my blogroll!}

  6. Jacob said:

    i got a pair of bright blue jeans for a party two weekends ago and cannot stop wearing them. white is next.

    very cute with striped tops. i’m just sayin’…

    (good call on the birks. i knew it all along.)

  7. Jess said:

    ha. that last comment was from me. bright blue jeans. i didn’t realize i wasn’t signed in.


    (now you are asking yourself “who is jacob. that requires drinks.)


  8. Aran said:

    i just can’t do it myself. I like white and black and red and then adding pops of color but I just couldn’t wear yellow pants. It would be obvious I’d be self conscious. It’d show. I like them on others but not so much on me. But I do love J Crew!

  9. Sal said:

    I’ve had fire engine red and leaf green pants in heavy rotation for years, but the neons frighten me. Brights, yes! Flourescents, ACK!

  10. Molly said:

    Not for me, but I think it’s beautiful on others. Me, I’m into the subdued tones. :) I’ve never liked bright colors, even in nature. Ah well!

  11. WendyB said:

    I’ve had lots of red pants over the years…no biggie!