right this second…

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since I’ve got some pretty fantastic news to tell you about on Monday, I thought a celebratory post with balloons was in order. have a fantastic weekend!

{from top to bottom: lori laughs, trapped, untitled, balloons, day 57 v2, untitled, { }, untitled}

15 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Collins said:

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear on Monday.

  2. Flora D said:

    aaah! How can you ask us to wait?! :)

  3. Chelsea said:

    I love all these balloons. I feel like I am supposed to be tired of balloons by now, but I am not.

    Can’t wait to hear just what you’ve got up your sleeve!

  4. Sara Christine said:

    Thank you for the cheery start to the weekend! Can’t wait for your exciting news!

  5. Aran said:

    so exciting… i can’t wait till Monday!

  6. jo said:

    such beautiful, happy images!!!

    canĀ“t wait to hear the news!

    i hope you have a lovely weekend

  7. Sarah said:

    Ohhh, I can’t wait!!

  8. lucy said:

    can’t wait for the fantastic news!
    happy weekend!

  9. TINA said:

    I’ve died and gone to blog heaven. // T

  10. Jeana Sohn said:

    can’t wait to hear the good news! the pictures are so pretty.

  11. Heather said:

    i’ve been reading your blog, and i must say you take amazing pictures. as i’m on the camera hunt, would you mind telling me what make and model you use? please and thank you!

  12. laura said:

    can’t wait can’t wait! and these photos are so lovely!

  13. Bonbon Oiseau said:

    what a sweet post–such pretty pictures!

  14. coco+kelley said:

    i loooove this! so many different colors – i absolutely love this little collection!

  15. babelfish said:

    I love balloon shots, great picks!