saint grace

seriously, sometimes I don’t think my love for stripes could get any bigger. then I stumble upon this fantastic collection with a ton of striped things and I feel my eyes getting wider and my wallet emptier.
{from saint grace}

8 Responses to “saint grace”

  1. Krissy said:

    Oh my! That dress is fantastic!

  2. design for mankind. said:

    Ohhh I’m a stripes girl, too! :) Kindred stripits. ;)

  3. Tasha T said:

    ooh! these are great! I think I may be more in love with the pants than anything. haha.

    [side note...with these 2 photos right next to eachother, the gal on the right looks like a giantess. makes me giggle. :)]

  4. Joanna Goddard said:

    LOVE!!! thank you!!

  5. amy korngiebel said:

    just checked out their site – LOVE their stuff. thanks for the scoop!

  6. Joanna Goddard said:

    ps. i love those pants on the right.

  7. Jessie Cacciola said:

    love these relaxed looks. so cute.
    - Jessie -