s’more cardigan

can I just say how much I want this cardigan from the new Anthropologie catalog? fantastic. and while I’m at it, I’ll take the teal dress too.
{from anthropologie}

8 Responses to “s’more cardigan”

  1. momquixote said:

    I love Anthro, too. Wish I had bigger pockets. (Plus, does it make any sense for me to buy new clothing when I want to get preggers so soon? Probably not, but a girl still wants…)

  2. lauracrow said:

    yes! i saw this a wanted it, too! so lovely…

  3. Kate said:

    Can I just say how much I want a s’more right now?

  4. swell.life said:

    i’m with kate, the sweater is cute, but those marshmallows are making my mouth water!

  5. The Lil Bee said:

    OOh…that cardigan is lovely. I pretty much want everything in that store, all the time!

  6. theyellowbucket said:

    yes! i just drooled over this catalog during breakfast and wished i still got the employee discount!

  7. erica said:

    the color combination is just perfect! i haven’t been feeling the anthropologie love in a long time, but this, i can definitely do!

  8. Joanna Goddard said:

    gorgeous! stripes are always the best.