strapalicious buckleicious

as I mentioned yesterday, I ended up not going with the Birks. I’m not saying that I’ll never buy a pair and I’m definitely not saying that I didn’t think they were cute. maybe someday. for now, I’ll admire them from afar.
I did buy a new pair of sandals though. some strapy, woven, buckleicious sandals. in black of course. I can’t wait to wear them with breezy tunics, khaki shorts and cropped jeans.
{from bc footwear}

6 Responses to “strapalicious buckleicious”

  1. canyouhearme? said:

    i TOTALLY love these! that chunky buckle is especially rad. if only i had $40 extra bones to spend on shoes…sigh…

  2. Catherine said:

    oh I really love these sandals! I hope you will get some glorious summer weather to wear them and I can vicarously live my desparate need for warm days and summer sandals!

  3. Sal said:

    Great choice! I’m loving the chunky ankle straps.

  4. ambika said:

    These are a great alternative.

  5. blackbird said:

    I can see how you would choose them…they are fabulous.