summer snapshot

I loved this little video from Nordstrom Summer Essentials Collection. the video, titled “Summer Snapshot”, really makes me want to take a beach vacation pronto. I makes me want to run along the beach and drink pina coladas while listening to soothing summer music.
{from nordstrom}

7 Responses to “summer snapshot”

  1. Aran said:

    i saw that… that is completely and absolutely my romanticized idea of summer… beautiful

  2. erica said:

    perfectly captures my ideal summer. the washed out colors, hair tangled with sea spray and sand, pretty umbrellas…

  3. Krissy said:

    gorgeous photos!! Love that umbrella:)

  4. Jessie Cacciola said:

    so pretty. i could look at images like these all day. :)
    - Jessie -

  5. Joanna Goddard said:

    beautiful. these make me want to go to the beach asap.

  6. michelle {lovely.little.things} said:

    Love this ad campaign. It’s so ethereal and dreamy, like a black & white memory reel of the perfect summer.