I bought the most brilliant blue flowers yesterday at the market. for now, I’ll show you their tips!
working on lots of new things this week.
anticipation for things to come is killing me.


5 Responses to “tips”

  1. design for mankind. said:

    These look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more of them! :)

  2. Mrs.French said:

    I love them….show me the rest!

  3. Sarah said:

    I love this photo. Amazing light.

  4. sarai said:

    delphinium! I love them, they are so vibrant.

  5. sulu-design said:

    I took some time away from blog reading recently while I was getting over a serious case of grumpiness (Portland’s weather certainly played its role), so I’m coming to this post a bit late, but had to jump in here with a comment. Buying a branch of that lovely flower was one of the things I did last week to cheer myself up. Another thing: I finally made a trip to Hopworks and had some great beer. Yummy stout and porter! Thanks for mentioning the place.