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I spent most of Monday afternoon rearranging our apartment. I shuffled a few things around and it’s not quite set yet, but I think I like it. it’s always nice to have a new view on things. during my rearranging, I’ve decided that our apartment needs a little brightening up. it’s time to frame those posters and prints, time to store those wool throws, and time for a fun new toss pillow for the couch! I like these seed packet pillows a lot, though I don’t think dlb will go for something floral and girly. these shaker stitch pillows are pretty cool too, a lot less expensive and a bit more manly. maybe if I make room for a sewing machine, I could even make my own!
{from anthropologie}


photographer spotlight: aaron feaver

what better way to start the day than with a new photographer spotlight? {don’t you love Wednesdays?} I’m pleased to introduce today’s photographer and true lover of photography, Aaron Feaver. I first discovered Aaron’s work through another flickr user’s favorite photos and I was instantly amazed. he has the ability to take such simple yet unbelievably powerful shots. Aaron just opened an etsy shop selling some of his greatest photos. check out his shop and flickr stream and get ready for some inspiration!


what first sparked your interest in photography:
My dad had an old Canon SLR that was always around. I loved the match-needle light meter (you had to align a little hollow “lollipop” with a needle in the viewfinder), the sturdy, rough-edged knobs with their cryptic numbers and abbreviations, and the weight of all that metal and glass in your hands. Something about holding that heavy thing to my eye and seeing an image on the ground glass really made me happy.what was your first camera:
A Canon FTb. I wish I still had it, but I’m sure someone somewhere is having fun with it. It took the best pictures.favorite thing to photograph:
I love photographing people, although it’s definitely not my strong suit. More than other subjects, I think, people in a photograph can be so different from how we experience them in real life. The camera captures such a tiny, fleeting slice of expression or mood that, even if we know the person, we might never see. Lately I’ve been into spare, abandoned landscapes. I ride my bike along the beach in the mornings, and the combination of sand and water and sky (or, even better, fog!) really isolates a subject in space and creates a mood that’s much harder for me to find in a busy scene.favorite artist/photographer:
Oh gosh, it’s impossible to pick a favorite! For photographers, I love the humor in David Shrigley’s photos, and pretty much everything Corey Arnold does. For artists, I love Ray Fenwick, Tom Gauld, Kathleen Lolley, Rob Ryan ‚Ķokay stop me there.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
slow down!advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Get a cheap old manual SLR, and take pictures of everything. Get as close as you can to the subject and shoot wide open, in natural light. Don’t fight the camera; if it wants to give you vignetted corners and light leaks and lens flare, go with it! For me, photography is best when the results are unexpected. A camera with character, a roll of cheap film and a patient subject (thanks, baby!) always give me the most interesting pictures.favorite color:
I’m really fond of dark brown.if you could eat only one thing:
Really well made Japanese ramen from this place here in Venice. I’m addicted.something you can’t live without:
My bicycle. It gets me everywhere I go.on repeat from your headphones:
My girlfriend got us tickets to see Thao Nguyen for my birthday in a couple of weeks, so I’ve been listening to her nonstop. She’s amazing.what inspires you:
I’m really lucky to have incredibly talented friends. We started a weekly arts and crafts club called Craftonite, where we spend an evening working on our own projects. Seeing their work (and work ethic) inspires me like nothing else.


attn vancouver!

Adele from Dace wrote to inform me of an amazing collaborative sale in Vancouver, BC on August 15. Dace is hosting the sale at their studio and including a big list of participating retailers too! so you lucky girls and guys in Vancouver, be sure to head over to the sale for some great great deals. more details, including links to participating retailers, here.


it’s in the stitches

while I would looooove to be able to sew my own clothes, time and space are limiting me in that area right now. therefore, I find myself lucky to be in the company of so many talented women, who not only know how to sew, but create such wonderful garments with their talent. I love owning a limited design and when possible, I love picking out my own fabrics. plus, it’s such a great feeling to know that I’m supporting independent designers!
first, there was Shaybelle, then Wiksten, and these are my latest dress purchases.
{top: vain and vapid, bottom: acquired by trade from my new friend, Collins}