I really like these matchstick cords from J. Crew. they come in a wide range of colors, but I’m always a sucker for gray.
{from j. crew}

8 Responses to “cords”

  1. Kait said:

    Grey cords do stand out, with brown following. I have two pair of varying shades of grey that get alot of rotation in the fall.

  2. simplesong said:

    ooh, i like these! and love the fit of their matchstick stuff…going to check it out now. thanks!

  3. Megan said:

    like you, i think i’d like the gray color best. i also love that sweater, i love anything that’s mustard yellow. i’m gonna have to look this up now…

  4. E. said:

    J.crew also has those sort of high waisted pleated skirts, and I got them in gray. [:

  5. Eric and Jill said:

    MAN! i want those pants in that GRAY so BADLY! but they’re sold out of my size! DAMN!

  6. Liz said:

    such a great outfit but it seems a little edgy for J.Crew. … I like the way that sounds. An “edgy J-Crew style”. ;)

  7. Amanda said:

    I bought a pair of these last winter, in black, and they are really cute. I would get them again in purple possibly, just because the black ones were a little boring.

  8. Andrea said:

    I absolutely love the whole outfit.