hello tuesday

hello friends!  looks like Monday snuck out from beneath my finger tips with out my even realizing it!  I hope everyone had a fun filled summer weekend.  mine was nice, but missing something.  dlb has been in Idaho for officially one week now and I have been in Portland, sans dlb for officially one week.  I miss him.  it’s hard, especially when you are as attached to one another as we are.  the farmer’s market was dull, bike riding was lonely, and sitting around the apartment on my butt while doing absolutely nothing was, well… down right boring!!  one week down, only 5 more to go…  

did you see the new recipe over at Milk Eggs Chocolate?  heart shaped Cherry Wheat Biscuits.  yum!

I’ve got lots of updates and news over at Seventy and Sunny this week.  new work to show you and some exciting new things that I’ll be offering.  I can’t wait.
so, hello Tuesday!
{my new shoes, aren’t they great?}

7 Responses to “hello tuesday”

  1. lucy said:

    those ARE great shoes!

  2. Krissy said:

    6 weeks is such a long time!!! 2 weeks away from my hubby was no fun. You’ll make it though- have lots of girl time.

  3. Julia said:

    oh yeah, it’s no fun (you know i know how you feel!), wish we lived close by and could keep each other company!

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    oh man. get ready. i will be crashing your place EVERY SINGLE DAY on the last two weeks of your dlb-less tenure.

    i kid. Im not gonna be like Bill Murray in What About Bob. Ever seeen that? Well.. I can get like that… muuuahahah.

  5. vanessa.e. said:

    you always have such cute shoes! where are these new ones from?

  6. reya said:

    those shoes are positively lovely

  7. Anonymous said:

    where did you get those shoes? absolutely lovely!