hi friends!  I guess I took an intended blogging break without really saying so!  dlb and I took a trip to Idaho for the 4th of July.  it was a much needed break from reality.  I absolutely love visiting his parents home.  their house is so peaceful and so friendly… I could spend hours on that porch, listening to the birds chirping and the sounds of the wilderness with absolutely no sounds of civilization.  no busses, no cars, no screaming kids, no horns honking…. get my drift?  

absolute tranquility.  
we ate delicious food, chatted with family, watched fireworks, tromped through forests while mushroom picking, relaxed and spent time together.  it was a perfect weekend.  it’s funny how a weekend away can really make you loose yourself all together.  not frantically loosing yourself, but by being lost from everything.  forgetting responsibilities, if even for just a short while.  
but now, back to the real world.  the real world of routine, challenges, work, frustration, happiness, goals, and blogging.  :)  I’ve got some great things lined up for this week, including an all new photographer spotlight, fashion galore, etsy finds, and possibly a shop update.  
see you soon!

3 Responses to “hi!”

  1. Krissy said:

    sounds like a wonderful break!

  2. Robin said:

    Whoa we were both in Idaho for the weekend! That is nuts! :)

  3. Fifi Flowers said:

    Lovely field of daisies… how peaceful! Nice to get away and relax!