I heart summer

a few things I’ve been eying from the Built By Wendy summer sale. doesn’t Lena look lovely in hers?
{from bbw}

6 Responses to “I heart summer”

  1. jo said:

    i love the purple one!!!

  2. Jill said:

    I just discovered your blog! Yay! It’s lovely and fun and I can’t wait to come back and browse another time.

  3. Michelle said:

    AH,, me too, been wanting one of those, but I am resisting b/c I have so many summer dresses….so…hard..

  4. Frannie said:

    Oohhh those are pretty! Love the blue and purple one.

  5. michelle said:

    Loving the purple polka dots!

  6. Bonbon Oiseau said:

    love Built by Wendy! love the green dress especially!