let me take a break from the regular fashion and style blogging to share with you one of my favorite obsessions – last.fm.
I first discovered last.fm from the recommendation of dlb two summers ago and couldn’t be more happy with that discovery. last.fm, a social music community, is a place to listen and love music. with a free account you can create a music profile, see charts and stats for your musical taste, create widgets for your blog or other web pages, listen to personal radio stations based on the music you love, and discover new music, people and events. that’s not enough, you say? well, for $3 a month you can become a subscriber, which enables you to create playlists, listen to your “loved tracks”, and other special priorities.
this week last.fm unvieled a new version of their site. it’s quicker and much more organized. if you don’t yet have an account, sign up and starting listening. you’ll be happy, I’m sure.

5 Responses to “last.fm”

  1. quaint handmade said:

    i love it and have been wanting to find something new. thanks!

  2. Jessie Cacciola said:

    very cool — reminds me of pandora.

  3. Czina said:

    you think it’s quicker and more organised?
    that’s wierd. i have very opposite experiences.
    i actually really don’t like this new design.
    i like change, but i think this change is not for good.

  4. alyson. said:

    ya know, to be quite honest, I’ve never thought the site is organized. when it’s time to re-subscribe, I can never find the correct link, I have no idea where to find my friend requests and I get confused using the site. I use the scrobbler most, by clicking my loved tracks and friends stations. :) but I do like the new look. lots more color and friendly. I miss the “paint it black” though.