maxi dresses

I’m not the biggest fan of the “maxi dress” trend, but I do have to say that I love the flowy, pretty patterns that are mostly associated with them. I love this dress from the Sartorialist today, I’d just prefer it about 20-30 inches shorter.

readers: what do you think of maxi dresses?

{from sartorialist}

21 Responses to “maxi dresses”

  1. Kate said:

    I hate them! Not just because I’m so short they would never in a million years fit me without hemming first:) I also really hate that they’re called Maxi dresses. ew.

  2. Chelsea said:

    Hate them. Maybe because I am 5’4 and also because I live in Portland. I see these dresses at home on a very tall woman in Florida or on a tropical island. but never in the NW:)

  3. Jess(ica) said:

    I have to say that I love them. I saw this picture on The Sartorialist today and loved it. They are pretty, flattering, and breezy. How often do we get to claim a long dress with an empire waist as trendy? I am so on board! (The name does leave something to be desired though.)

  4. Sal said:

    Hate ‘em. They make us ALL look short and triangular and hippie-fied. Even that gorgeous Italian dish in the Sart’s photo.


  5. kati said:

    i have to admit i love them. and i’m only 5’1″…

  6. jenny gordy said:

    i hate them. fo’sho’. i never want to look “bohemian” or like i’m some dirty hippy, and with a dress like that it’s hard not to. the girl on the right looks much cuter. but then again i do like birkenstocks and those are associated with hippies. so i guess there’s just no accounting for personal taste. also the point of the maxi dress is to show off your arms and boobs, and i don’t really want to show off that stuff. my legs are much better, which is why i probably prefer short dresses.

  7. I *Heart* You said:

    i adore them. i don’t mind looking bohemian or hippyish. i think they are cute and breezy.

  8. Maryam in Marrakesh said:

    I love them! esp for cocktails by the pool in the evening. Sigh. I want one.

  9. Alya said:

    I only wear them if they’re evening dresses.. Other than that, no, not for me..

  10. debbie said:

    Wish I could wear some of them, but I am too short!

  11. Megan said:

    i love how they look on most people. that being said, i am not most people. i’m pretty tall @ 5’8 and i feel like i would look like long window drapery in one of those things. i agree with you though, i love the patterns.

  12. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    I didnt care too much for them until I became pregnant. They are perfect for hiding swollen feet :)

  13. Alicia said:

    Ehhh…she looks pretty but generally speaking I don’t think that they do much to flatter most people. Somehow the intersection of dirty hippie & high fashion doesn’t really work…

  14. Aran said:

    i wish i had the body…

  15. jazzjune said:

    Maxi’s have a tendency of making anyone wearing them look like an incurable hippie. Also, unless you’re >5’10” tall, they make you look matronly and squat.

    I am 5’3″. I do not like Maxi dresses. ^-^

  16. babelfish said:

    I’m not tall enough to wear them, but it sure look great on her.

  17. Colleen said:

    I think they’re terrible and likely not the easiest to walk in. I would, however, take this dress just below the knee. Perfection!

  18. Alicia Carrier said:

    i think it’s really funny that all the short people are commenting to say “i’m too short!” and then a tall person commented to say “i’m too tall, i’d look like curtains!”

    i don’t *hate* them, per se- but i do think most of the time they look too long and weird on people. she looks like she’s stepping on it in that picture! i tried one on once, and it looked ridiculous on me. i’m short, btw.

    and seriously, MAXI dress?! MAXI!? JESUS, WHO CAME UP WITH THAT?!

  19. Trangie said:

    I’m only 5’1 (with shoes 5’5 hahahahhaha) and I LOVE the maxi dress! If you’re short, just wear a fitted Maxi with spandex or stretchy material so it won’t overwhelm your petite frame.