hi! I’m back from tromping through the woods in Idaho. {when I say tromping through the woods, I mean it in the most literal sense – off the main trail, jumping over fallen trees, bumps and bruises from run in’s with logs, swatting horse flies, while hoping our sense of direction is toward the lake.} I had such a great time and of course I enjoyed every minute of it with dlb. from off-road adventures and afternoon huckleberry picking to lake hikes and famous caramel rolls, every second left me smiling.
but being that it’s Monday means it’s back to the swing of things, and back into the swing of things means back to work, work, work! I hope everyone had the most lovely weekend.

p.s. check out these tiny wild strawberries we found! seriously, amazing. they taste just like candy!

3 Responses to “monday”

  1. Michelle said:

    mmmm, sounds so nice.

  2. Stephanie said:

    wild strawberries are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

    sounds like a wonderful trip.

  3. please sir said:

    Wow…sounds like an amazing trip. Those berries are adorable!