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I’m so pleased with the reaction to the new photographer feature. I’m glad that you share my love for photography! today’s photographer spotlight comes from a very talented lady and friend of mine, Elizabeth Soule. her attention to detail and ability to photograph calmness and simplicity are so great. her polaroid series, The Little Zoo, is simply fantastic. her latest addition to her shop is a series of beautiful flower prints, which I adore for the bright colors and softness. check out her shop, blog, or flickr and enjoy her interview!

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what first sparked your interest in photography:
my first photography class in high school. I took the class because it was one of the art electives and I enjoyed black and white prints. The first time I developed a print, I was hooked. I love placing a piece of paper in the developer and watching the image appear.what was your first camera:
I think it was a Ricoh, some SLR model. My mom bought it for me at a local camera store for my high school class. I decided to major in Photography in college and upgraded to a Nikon F4.when did you first get into Polaroid photography:
I learned transfer processes and played with a lot with the positive negative film about 5 years ago. I was given my first SX-70 last summer as a gift and haven’t stopped shooting with it since.favorite thing to photograph:
Currently, my favorite thing is horses and vintage objects.favorite artist/photographer:
I love a lot of the old school photographers, Emmet Gowin, Harry Callahan, Helen Levitt. I also really enjoy Keith Carter, Sally Mann and Andrea Modica.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
Do what makes you happy.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Shoot as much as you can and share it with others. It’s advice I’m constantly telling myself right now.favorite color:

if you could eat only one thing:
bagel and cream cheesesomething you can’t live without:
This might be really cheesy, but my fiance. He’s always encouraging me to try new ideas and recognizes success. He’s an honest critic and lets me know when he thinks I can do better. I bet he was thinking I’d say my cameras, they come in a close second.on repeat from your headphones:
Modest Mousewhat inspires you:
My daily blog reads. Looking through up and coming artists. Looking through photography books and magazines. Having successful shows. Seeing others enjoy my work.

10 Responses to “photographer spotlight :: elizabeth soule”

  1. Chelsea said:

    I love her work. That last one with the cornflowers!!

  2. laceyJ. said:

    Stunning! Thank you for posting this… I now have a new favorite!

  3. quaint handmade said:

    i really love her photography and the last photo of the cornflowers, big time swoon. i hope it will be in her shop.

  4. Jessica said:

    I think she is super talented as well and happy to have her apart of the shop.

  5. Aran said:

    gorgeous… i feel like such an amateur…

  6. jen said:

    thanks for sharing this, alyson. so inspiring. elizabeth’s work is amazing.

  7. Ana said:

    Her “Little Zoo” series is a favorite of mine! Thank you for sharing this interview!

  8. ambika said:

    I’ve been meaning to pick up one of her prints for ages.

  9. Amy Nieto said:

    Another great interview. I also love Keith Carter with all my heart. *I* need to shoot more and more!

  10. Alicia Carrier said:

    i am really enjoying these photographer spotlights :)