photographer spotlight: jeremy okai davis

today’s photographer spotlight is another artist from Portland. {we kind of rock, don’t we?} Jeremy Okai Davis is a super talented photographer and painter. I first met Jeremy and discovered his work while dlb was participating in Whiskerino last winter. Jeremy primarily shoots with film and has such a way with portraits and color. I have a serious urge to favorite all of his photos. check out his personal portfolio and his flickr stream for more inspiration.


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I think my initial interest in photography came about from looking at old photo albums my parents kept around the house. I’ve always been interested in capturing moments. I started taking it seriously in the last few years though.what was your first camera:
I don’t really remember but I know I used to steal my moms camera and take it with me in High School. She probably just ended up giving it to me. I think it was a Canon of some sort.favorite thing to photograph:
I usually just keep my camera on me and end up shooting my friends just hanging out and doing what we do…which is usually going to shows, out to eat or sitting around. I’ve recently been into taking pictures of food. You get such wonderful textures and colors and I can look at them when I get hungry and in turn satiate myself.favorite artist/photographer:
My favorite photographers are starting to become people on my flickr list. Two of those being Debbie Carlos an Kristen Heldmann. I’ve also always loved Andy Warhol’s photography. I always draw a blank when asked these questions. I guess I really just love photos on a case by case basis. Some people’s work shines brighter than others but my taste changes with the weather usually.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
“Never stop taking pictures.” – Devendra Banhart, after I shot a picture of him last year at Bumbershoot.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Shoot a lot of pictures. Don’t be too selective at first. Figure out what grabs you by trial and error. I kept rolls in my camera for weeks at first trying to take the perfect shot and realized that the mistakes were what spawned the cooler shots I get. So, basically embrace happy accidents.favorite color:
I tend to float towards combos and those combos usually contain pastels…if you could eat only one thing:
Thai Foodsomething you can’t live without:
Painting supplies, my cameras and the ability to taste delicious treats.on repeat from your headphones:
The Avett Brothers are a constant.what inspires you:
Friends inspire me and Family. Forward thinkers and positive people. Day to day interactions with people and conversations. Also, the inter

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  1. laceyJ. said:

    Once again- you’ve left me inspired! I love these photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. oneshotbeyond said:

    great feature artist. :-)

  3. debbie said:

    love his images of daily life.

  4. Anonymous said:

    great pictures… i really like the first one.

  5. Richie Designs said:

    really lovely