right this second…

I’m dreaming of:
huckleberry picking.
mountain hikes.
mountain lakes.
living a little.
morning silence.
morning breezes.
running in open fields.
little surprises.
sharing a beer. {or two}
seeing him.
feeling him.
kissing him.

one week my love. one week. happy friday.
{photo from dawbis}

8 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Misha said:

    How lovely isn’t this? You make my heart beat :)

  2. Czina said:

    i absolutly feel the mood.
    it’s great.
    great photo
    great poetry

  3. susannah [unravelling] said:

    Your words, coupled with this photo, make me feel dreamy. :-)

  4. Jess said:

    wait a second. are you telling me that dlb has been out of town and i haven’t seen you. at all. this is a travesty!

    it also sounds like you’ll be gone next weekend for my bike-riding-cupcake-eating, dress-and-heel-wearing-barbie-birthday-party!

    and picnic.


  5. nadia said:

    this makes me happy!

  6. amanda said:

    Sounds dreamy lovely!

  7. michelle said:

    Where do you find such perfect pictures? I am envious! Your blog never ceases to awe and surprise me!

  8. Megan said:

    all of those things sound absolutely lovely…oh, the joys of summer :)