vain and vapid

I first discovered Julie of Vain and Vapid from another blogger, forgive me I can’t remember who, and I was immediatly taken by the fantastically feminine details of the collection. I love that her dresses are named after the Lisbon girls – so fitting, especially with the dreamy photography. I recently ordered the Jimmy Dress and Julie picked out the most beautiful hunter green linen for the dress. I love the newest addition to her shop, the Cecelia Lisbon Dress, which updates this afternoon at 6pm EST.
{from vain and vapid}


4 Responses to “vain and vapid”

  1. E. said:

    Weird, I was reading through fashion blogs and stumbled a blog who talked about Vain and Vapid. It might have been Style Bite or one of her links.

    I love the dresses and too bad all the sizes are too small for me. Yikes. [:

  2. discothequechic said:

    i just discovered her collection earlier, it’s completely gorgeous!

    and can’t believe I didn’t make the connection with the virgin suicides (it’s one of my absolute favourites.) what a clever idea.


  3. Vain and Vapid said:

    Thanks Alyson!! I just discovered your blog, it’s absolutely lovely. I wish I found it earlier so I could have ordered some custom labels. Do you do that?