at the cafe

lately I find myself drawn to pictures of coffee and cafes. there is something so peaceful about sipping a cup of coffee at a beautiful cafe, taking in the morning. maybe it’s because I enjoy coffee and coffee cups. maybe it’s because I’ve been by myself for four weeks, thus having lots of peaceful alone time. maybe I’m enjoying my clarity and time to think. maybe I’m lonely. well… I guess sometimes it’s nice to be alone. but I’m ready to have my best friend back home, so I can share those quite moments with him.
{from top: in cafe, favorite vessels, untitled, the last breakfast, coffeeandletter, upstairs@blanccassis, after., reflection of the light and me}

13 Responses to “at the cafe”

  1. Sara Christine said:

    Such lovely photos! Have you seen "Coffee & Cigarettes?" It's a beautiful film, full of coffee and cafe inspiration. :)

  2. Casey said:

    these are so beautiful, and dreamy

  3. Paul Pincus said:

    i love these.

    second row, left side, is my favourite.

  4. oneshotbeyond said:

    I agree with these type shots being “peaceful”. There is something comforting in isolation…well I guess the company is our “cup of jo”. It fills us up with all we need for the moment.

  5. debbie said:

    these are so nice. have any favorite caf├ęs in portland?

  6. lucie said:

    love your beautiful selection!!

  7. Joslyn said:

    i’m with you girl…i love these photos. but i really, really love coffee. i go to bed excited because i get to wake up and drink coffee. sad.

  8. Fifi Flowers said:

    Love cafe creme… love sitting in a real cafe… love your post!
    Truly Wonderful!

  9. Christy said:

    I so heart those photos you took!! They are so serene and peaceful…and that cafe…oh i so want to move to portland!! Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to move back to his native city…now wouldn’t that be nice!!

  10. nadia said:

    I love every single photograph……….and i am definitely someone who finds peace at a cafe

  11. Liivia said:

    Love those photos!!!

  12. Amy Nieto said:

    Your post reminds me how I long to share my quiet moments with someone instead of MISSING that someone.

    *sigh* oh well. :)

  13. Julia said:

    these are beautiful. and yes, they definitely give off that feeling of quiet peacefulness, which can definitely be lonely too. so happy he’ll be home soon. mine will too (friday, friday friday!).