bill + fanny

love these photos from the home of Bill and Fanny. such love and happiness.
{from the selby, via in{side} the loop}

8 Responses to “bill + fanny”

  1. Courtney said:

    I so want to meet this couple – they are the cutest ever!

  2. Stompface said:

    I like the photo with the Teepee alot.

    I think that would be a really cool thing to laze around in for the day.

  3. melly said:

    me too, my favourite on The Selby.

  4. lucie said:

    they are so coooool!

  5. Casey said:

    these have such great color.

  6. kate lines; said:

    i want a teepee in my backyard… i love to color.

  7. Fanny said:

    Hello, hello!
    Im so happy to find me and Billy on your blog, since Im a big fan!
    I noticed on your link though that its the wrong http address so it doesn’t link up.
    I made the teepee in three days before my solo show in the end of May this year.
    Pheew, it was a lot of work!
    But now it feels totally worth it!
    I wish our ceilings where a bit higher so I could keep it in the living room with lots of cosy pillows inside. : )