built by wendy – fall

…a few things I’m loving from the Built by Wendy fall collection.
{from bbw}

3 Responses to “built by wendy – fall”

  1. Tammy said:

    have I mentioned how much I enjoy your clothing posts? No? Well, I do. Your choices are lovely, and often off the beaten track, so I would never have discovered them myself. So, now I’ve mentioned it. Thanks.

  2. Shimmy Shake said:

    Oh, I love Built by Wendy….I will have to go over and check out the fall collection. Being the crafty tight-ass that I am, sometimes I find I prefer to try and sew her patterns – but one day I would love to purchase one of her designs!

  3. rachel said:

    I haven’t seen Built by Wendy before… but it’s fantastic!