fall is killing me….

especially with looks like these
{from The Gap}

12 Responses to “fall is killing me….”

  1. simplesong said:

    i too am starting to get really excited about fall. really loving the gap these days — fab colors!

  2. odessa said:

    i went to the gap yesterday and thought exactly the same thing!

  3. debbie said:

    so cozy! i've been so excited about the weather here…thunder, lightning, rain. <3 i can finally wear my scarves again!

  4. Aran said:

    i am so anxious for fall.. although we won’t really wear fall clothes here, i still love looking at them. i love wools, and tweeds and tights and scarves…

  5. Megan. said:

    oh i cannot wait! you have been finding the most lovely fall clothes lately…

  6. Sal said:

    It’ll be here soon. Before we know it!

  7. rachel said:

    i agree.. I can’t wait for fall fashion!

  8. sheena said:

    hi! I’ve been a long time non-commenting fan!!

    I was in Gap toDAY….I think I drooled on their floor…….fall is coming:)

  9. kate lines; said:

    why is the fall line so much better then any other season?

    love your blog.

  10. Joanna Goddard said:

    i know! can’t wait for sweaters!!!

  11. Casey said:

    :) i was about to post on these too! i really love the orange for fall… so warm and cozy!!