jigsaw falling into place

one week from today
I can’t freaking wait!

8 Responses to “jigsaw falling into place”

  1. Aran said:

    oh wow… lucky you!

  2. susan said:

    They truly are one of the best live bands you will ever see! Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Flora D said:

    They are my favorite, I can understand you can’t wait!

  4. erica said:

    super exciting, lucky you!

  5. rachel said:

    i’m going, too! I’m so, so excited.

  6. amanda said:

    Lucky girl!
    Im very jealous…my boy is home in Vancouver right now to see them while Im stuck here in cold and windy Sydney. :(
    Say hi to Ed for me.

  7. Kristine said:

    Hi Alyson,
    Because I enjoy your blog and your designs so much I have given you a “Brilliant Weblog” award. Visit my blog for details. Oh, and I have you to thank for my Boden purchase – after reading one of your posts about their new collection, I couldn’t help myself.
    Enjoy the weekend.