oh my…

this could be dangerous.
{online shopping at Madewell, SOON!}

8 Responses to “oh my…”

  1. odessa said:

    i just ordered a cardigan from them over the phone yesterday and they told me that online shopping will start at the end of august. dangerous indeed.

  2. simplesong said:

    oh boy! totally dangerous but i’m looking forward to it!

  3. odessa said:

    p.s i ordered the grandpa cardigan. it was on sale for $29.99 plus free shipping.

  4. erika - urban grace said:

    oh my is right!

  5. Courtney said:

    you’re not lying.

  6. katrina said:

    oh yes it will be

  7. layersofmeaning said:

    oh oh…!

  8. jenniferz said:

    I’ve been wearing my turquoise cardigan from them all summer long! I love their shop in Soho but it’s so much easier to sit at home and browse online. This will be dangerous indeed!