photographer spotlight: amy nieto cruz

today’s photographer spotlight is quite a feast for the eyes. Amy Nieto has just relocated to Portland from Vegas and doesn’t miss the dry hot hot heat!! she’s an awesome girl with an eye for photography. from weddings and family portraits to product photography and even crafty goodness, she shines with creativity. I hope you’re ready for some gorgeous photos! check out her stream and website for more inspiration.


what first sparked your interest in photography:
It was a special edition of LIFE magazine documenting the greatest photographs of the last 150 years. It had Louis Armstrong on the cover. This was probably 1995-96.what was your first camera:
Nikon FM 10. Sadly I had to leave it behind in Georgia, when I moved to Vegas a year ago.favorite thing to photograph:
Anything that is back lit by the Sun. My fashion photography professor called it the “Peter Frampton” look. ;) But lately, all Ive been wanting to photograph is people. Hard to explain why this sudden desire.favorite artist/photographer:
War photographer and co-founder of Magnum Photos Robert Capa. A surprising choice considering what I shoot (and don’t shoot), but photojournalism was my first exposure and to this day it still is what drives me, real life (even though I have never done photojournalism – unless you count weddings). Though to be honest, some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever laid eyes on are in Flickr. It’s just… overwhelming, in the most fantastic of ways.
most memorable advice you’ve been given:
A bathroom stall in Charleston, South Carolina had written on it: “The worst mistake anyone can make is being too afraid to make one”. It’s what fueled my (not so) little feet to move to Portland just last week without ever having visited this fine city.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
You know very well what the best advice is. Keep that finger on the trigger and don’t ever let go, EVER. It’s funny, but during my formal college years, I barely photographed. I graduated believing I was a photographic and film making failure. But now I know.. keep that finger on the trigger. Always. (well, except when you’re driving, please) (bah who am I kidding)
favorite color:
Aqua blue! Seafoam green! Anything that reminds me of my Atlantic Ocean!if you could eat only one thing:
my Puerto Rican food. Hands down.something you can’t live without:
Aside from oxygen, underwear and my watch, I would have to say… internet. Cupcakes. Family and cool peeps. GREENERY. Oh and a camera. (though I gotta admit… sometimes cupcakes takes more importance than my uber expensive camera…)on repeat from your headphones:
Feist. Feist. Feist. Her music cleanses my soul, my ears, my stress. She was the greatest birthday gift.what inspires you:
Life. Lace. Rufus Wainwright. Feist. Wildflowers. Laughter. The Ocean. Soft breeze. Craft Fairs. AWESOME BLOGS. Pretty black and white photographs of old times.

4 Responses to “photographer spotlight: amy nieto cruz”

  1. Kaylyn Machelle said:

    Good one :)

  2. Dennise said:

    I love how she says she graduated thinking she was a failure when all she needed to do was get out and shoot. Great interview.

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    Oh Alyson! Thank you so much for featuring me, though I feel my work is not as AWESOME as all the photographers you’ve interviewed so far (my work being more on the “commercial” side of the spectrum)! But yay! *amy blushes till she explodes*

    And Dennise, yes, how silly I was. It took me nearly two years to recover from the trauma of college. “Just go out and shoot”, I really wish I could’ve realized that back then. *sigh* We learn things the hard way sometimes. Silly silly silly me.

  4. ryder said:

    some of the work is rather really nice.