photographer spotlight: lindsay josal

more polaroids, you say? more polaroids I deliver. today’s photographer spotlight features one of the most delightful ladies I’ve met in “blog/flickr-land”. when I first discovered her photos, each one had a way of making me grin. her love for polaroid shows through her beautiful photos, especially of the ones she loves. she was featured among the other amazing artists in the recent book dedicated to the art of polaroid, For The Love of Light. check out her flickr stream for more gorgeous inspiration, especially her roygbiv set. here she is my friends… meet Lindsay Josal.


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I’m not sure exactly when the spark was made, but I do know that my whole life I’ve been stimulated visually. I’ve always been interested in art, and photography was an excellent way for me to collect what I saw, felt and loved from what I found around me.what was your first camera:
My parents bought me a little point and shoot 35mm camera for Christmas when I was a little girl. I still have some of the first photos that I took with that camera hidden away somewhere. The shots are just of anything around our house that day; plants, lights, rocks, my toys, etc. The thing I really love about them are just that they were exactly what I saw, no thought about composition or distance or if someone else would enjoy them. And I could also tell how young I was by the height they were taken at- when I could barley look above the table and when everything was “up” to me. Haha.favorite thing to photograph:
I love photographing my sister, Allison. Not only is she totally tolerant of me, but I think she’s just plain perfect.favorite artist/photographer:
Goodness, this is always a tough one for me! I suppose my background in Graphic Design always leads me over to the work of Mike Mills, Geoff Mcfetridge and others; though I’d never be completely inspired alone by one particular medium. I do get inspired by feelings and how artists use them integrated into their work. Things that are scaled “10” on the beautiful factor are rarely my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed the sketches and pre-thoughts/work to the final, finished, polished piece.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
I suppose just to not give up, and to keep going with what it is I’m working on/thinking about/hoping for. I’ve had some great teachers push me and my friends and family have always supported me. I tend to doubt myself a lot.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Try to put yourself into your work. Not necessarily in the literal sense, but every single person is unique, so therefore your work will be that way too, right? And what is unique is appreciated. By me at least.favorite color:
I suppose it’s hard for me to say- I love so many colors! The ones I tend to lean towards most are the ones considered “ugly.”if you could eat only one thing:
I love Mexican food, especially Tortilla Soup. I’m a vegetarian, so it’s quite rare to find a place that makes it without chicken broth and all that. When I do find it, I am very happy.something you can’t live without:
Dogs and sweets!
{editors note: I immediatly went out and bought red nail polish and hershey’s kisses after I saw this photo!}on repeat from your headphones:
Lately: Beach House, Fleet Foxes and Atlas Sound. Favorites: Goldfrapp, Broadcast, Led Zeppelin, Menomena, Blonde Redhead. My friend, Whitney, just recently introduced me to Bon Iver. He’s defiantly someone to check out.what inspires you:
Music, my surroundings, people (family, friends, strangers, weirdos, etc.), nostalgia, feelings, the past, science. I love science, especially outer space. I love old yearbooks, I think I’ve flipped through my parent’s old yearbooks more than they have. And I guess pretty much everything else that there is.

12 Responses to “photographer spotlight: lindsay josal”

  1. whitney said:

    lindsay’s photography is truely fabulous – and i’m not just saying this because she is one of my best friends. her work inspires me every day.

  2. Kristopher said:

    Lindsay is the ultimate.

  3. ambika said:

    I really adore the photo in the cornfield. Just wonderful.

  4. Joslyn said:

    oooh i love her work…that photo of the red nails and striped shirt is one of my all time faves.

  5. katie said:

    beautiful photographs. i love the birthday candles.

  6. Joanna Goddard said:

    i love her work. thank you!

  7. nadia said:

    her work is lovely, i love the light in her photographs.

  8. Cher Ami said:

    these are so pretty!

  9. Amy Nieto said:

    the portrait of the asian girl in glasses is just fantastic. i’d love to have that blown up in my living room (which is still dont have, but thats not the point)

  10. Alicia said:

    incredibly beautiful!

  11. Leonard Miller said:

    Lindsay is brilliant with a polaroid camera, sort of like a samurai with his sword, ha, she knows how to use it, you know.

    I want one of her photos for my wall. I’d frame it and everything.