thanks to Jenny and Elly, I’ve discovered the king of procrastination – planning outfits on Polyvore. it’s so much fun to see what you can put together and it’s a great way to visualize possibilities with your wardrobe. see my outfits here.

14 Responses to “polyvore!”

  1. Rachel said:

    polyvore is terribly addictive!
    and i love your sets:)

  2. Stephanie said:

    Previous comments deleted due to a long day and lack of typing skills – argh! Meant to say: Your get-ups are adorable! … but you are right. Polyvore can gobble up time like nobody’s business.

  3. lucie said:

    love the outfit with the blue top :)

  4. lucie said:

    i’ve just seen that there is “coconu records ” in your lastfm playlist! i love jason schwartzman. Have you watched the movie “Darjeeling limited”?

  5. Colleen said:

    This is very cool!

  6. michele said:

    love your site. thanks for turning me on to polyvore. is there a way to link to where the items can be purchased?

  7. alyson. said:

    hi Lucie! I have seen the Dajeeling Limited – great movie.

    most of the items do have links that go to the shopping page. there were a few things that I couldn’t link, but if you find one like that, just ask me and I’ll let you know where I found it! :)

  8. Joanna Goddard said:

    that is really cute! love those red shoes.

  9. porter hovey said:

    I think I’m going to spend way too much time on this! The outfit is fantastic!!

  10. erica said:

    cute outfits, loving that blue jcrew top!

  11. Fifi Flowers said:

    I never can make my collections look as good as yours do… sigh!

    This looks like good combos!

  12. Jennifer said:

    Oh no, I have now found polyvore. Even my 6 y/o is now in love. She planned her first day of school outfit. Thanks for the post.

  13. seesaw designs said:

    Love your outfits. And I think I may have a new obsession (Polyvore).

  14. Sara Christine said:

    Oh my goodness! Am I completely lame for not knowing this existed? LOVE IT! Goodbye awkward Picasa collages. Thank you thank you thank you. Love all your outfits too! You have great style. :)