right this second…

I’m still thinking about:
how amazing Radiohead was on Wednesday night.
those lights.
Thom’s red pants.
this song,
this song and
this song. {the video kind of sucks, but this is my one of my favorite Radiohead songs. this was the LAST song they plays in the second encore, it was perfect. and apparently, the lights spelled out the words of the song as they went along. wow. it all still gives me chills.}

I’m so happy that:
Lauren and Evan are engaged!!! Congratulations guys!

this weekend, dlb and I are going:

I love my:
giant backpack.

I hope to:
have a new collection for you next week.

until then, HAPPY FRIDAY my friends!!!
{image from afteronemore}

14 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. odessa said:

    ohmigod, you saw radiohead!!! lucky, lucky girl. how come i can’t ever buy radiohead tickets? they’re always sold out everywhere here in cali.

  2. Mila said:

    Beautiful picture!
    Great you saw and enjoyed Radiohead!! <3


  3. Emily said:

    I am so jealous that you went to the Radiohead concert!! I’m glad you had fun though. Everyone I know who went agreed that it was amazing. Your collections are beautiful. I look forward to the next. Have a great weekend.

  4. young said:

    The setup for their tour is so beautiful. I saw them at Roskilde Festival this year (my second time seeing them), and hearing them play an absolutely amazing set after not having listened to their music for at least four or five years I was silently blown away. I really loved it, it was perfect! They didn’t play Talk Show Host, though, which is one of my favourites. But I got chills when they played Street Spirit.

  5. amanda said:

    Those are my boyfriend’s photos haha
    Glad you enjoyed the shows. I was supposed to be at those Vancouver and Seattle shows but am stuck here in Australia. :(

  6. Naomi said:

    i’m sooooo jealous! i love radiohead!!!

  7. Robin said:

    Have a fun time camping!

  8. ambika said:

    Enjoy your camping trip! I think we’re going to have to be satisfied with day hikes for the remainder of the summer. If only there was more time!

  9. Amanda said:

    sooo jealous! I wanted to see Radiohead on Friday in SF but the tix were sold out :(

  10. Joanna Goddard said:

    can’t wait to see the new collection!

  11. julieeee said:

    I stopped by from Simple Lovely. I notice you are from Portland. Me too. and now a random question…any good recommendations for hair stylist in the area? I have had zero luck finding someone I trust…
    o and great blog.


  12. Fifi Flowers said:

    Great photo! Looks so peaceful and rejuvinating!