I really love these two photos from Collected by Tas-ka. I always dream about one day having a big, bright, open window and lovely hardwood floors. *sigh*
{via lena, from tas-ka}

6 Responses to “tas-ka”

  1. Rachel said:

    Loving the mismatched chairs in that second photo. It looks like you could spend hours sitting at that table, talking and drinking wine. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. katelines photography. said:

    loving the mismatched chair’s also. nothing is better then natural light into a house, its refreshing.

  3. soon lee said:

    that is such a desirable dining area! we so want a big, bright, open window too.

  4. Tartelette said:

    Love the mood and ambiance of the dining room. So inviting!

  5. Robin said:

    Oh I love that dining room! I dream of a window like that too.

  6. babelfish said:

    I dream of exactly the same things!