thursday flickr favs

since I’m a bit busy today, I thought I’d leave you with some of my recent flickr favs. for a person who doesn’t like pink, I sure do love pretty pink tones in photos.
happy almost friday.
{woodencup, headband, knob, hang., untitled, or?, 31, untitled}

11 Responses to “thursday flickr favs”

  1. Aran said:

    i love the headband shot.

  2. Jessica said:

    these are really beautiful. I love the top right one a lot.

  3. Joanna Goddard said:

    beautiful! you have a great eye.

  4. desmitten said:

    i love the girl in the headband! so great!

  5. Vain and Vapid said:

    That headband is a slice of heaven…

  6. katie said:

    hey thanks for including my kitty picture! and i love the tights and the hanging photos. i’ll have to favorite them myself :]

  7. Megan. said:

    oh very pretty photos. great picks!

  8. Anne-So said:

    Hey ! Thank you very much fort the fav'(I’m the headband’s girl).

    I love your blog, thx for sharing us these beautiful things

  9. maggienikole said:

    oh, some of my favorites too

  10. Julia said:

    these are really lovely. hope you’re enjoying your weekend.