belvoir fruit farms

like most of you, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. I love the packaging for Belvoir Fruit Farms. that hand lettering is fantastic! not to mention, the flavors sound amazing.
{from belvoir fruit farms, via design work life}


8 Responses to “belvoir fruit farms”

  1. darcy elizabeth said:

    These are so wonderful. I actually have only tried the Elderflower (which has a unique flavor but I totally loved) & I still have the bottle.

  2. Mon Petit Lapin said:

    The spiced winter berries one is really good warm with an added cinnamon stick!

  3. Sarah said:

    I love these too. Pity they are so pricey as I have not tried. But I am ga-ga about Elderflower all the time…

  4. mishka said:

    These look amazing, I can’t wait to try the Winter Berry flavor!

  5. Chris said:

    They DO look good! I’m a sucker for packaging, too :)

  6. Kelly said:

    Oh wow, oh yum – these sound amazing. I only wish they were available here in the States! I’ll have to start checking the imported food aisles . . .

  7. Fifi Flowers said:

    That is GREAT packaging! I’m with you… I go for the look… and then find out if it’s good.
    Love your bear in your header… very cute!

  8. Rebecca said:

    I swear elderflower tastes heavenly! I wish it were more widely awavilable here in the states…nevertheless, pretty yums!