cherry red corso comos

I just added this fantastic cherry red pair of Corso Como peep toe pumps to my ebay shop. hardly worn and in excellent condition. snag these babies while you can!

5 Responses to “cherry red corso comos”

  1. Alicia said:

    Oh those are super cute…I wish we had the same size feet!

  2. Aran said:

    unfortunately not my size but cute!

  3. Market Publique said:

    oh I love corso como shoes! They are so comfortable!

  4. Borda said:

    Those shoes are hot! Too bad I know your feet are slightly bigger than mine. :(

  5. Sara Christine said:

    The red pumps would look super cute with those little brown dresses you posted above! You are totally inspiring my fall wardrobe. Time to add some brown and red. I wish these shoes were my size!