good morning and hello

hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend. in true Portland fashion, we had our first drizzly day of the fall season yesterday. it was quite nice I must say. I love listening to the rain.
dinner and drinks with dlb friday night
• sleeping late on saturday
• apricot sour cream and rosemary walnut scones {recipe soon, I promise}
• bead shopping and necklace making
• lentil soup and baked potatoes
stumptown and powells
• lunch and cupcakes with Amy
• discussing photoshoots with balloons and primary colors
• updating my shop with gift tags, note cards, and recipe cards
• and finally, updating my blog header {I quite like unruly animals}

6 Responses to “good morning and hello”

  1. Kate said:

    love the new blog header as I am quite a fan of bears:)

  2. S.HOPtalk said:

    My first time saying hello…I adore your new blog header!!!

  3. Courtney said:

    Oh I just love your new header. So sweet, charming, and welcoming – just like you!

  4. sarah said:

    i love your new header!
    (reading your blog and following your flickr makes me happy)

  5. fanny said:

    the new header is so sweet. even more than the last one (and I really thught no one would ever beat that one).

    have a lovely rainy day (love the sound of rain drops hitting my windows).

    xx fanny

  6. theyellowbucket said:

    ooh the scones sound delightful! cannot wait for the recipe.