hello and good morning! what a weekend! I really packed my weekend with so much to do, that it felt as if it lasted much longer than 2 days. I kicked off Friday with the lowerFREMONT sidewalk sale and it was a blast. above is a shot of my little set up. I loved the experience and had so much fun! it was especially nice to meet some friendly faces in person. thanks Bernadette, Abby, Kate, Susan and Debbie for stopping by! as I say, it’s always fun to put blog and flickr friends in a 3D perspective. :)
much of Saturday was spent working and of course, playing. after we hit up the Alberta Street fair, dlb and I roamed Mississippi street and found the neatest salt shop, where we picked up a sample kit for some finishing salts. I’m excited to try them out.
yesterday, dlb and I hiked the beautiful trail up Eagle Creek. 6 miles up the trail is a fantastic waterfall called Tunnel Falls, which blew my mind. it’s gigantic, with overwhelming rushing water falling 175 ft from the sky. the cliff edges are quite scary, falling 100s of feet, straight down to the rocky creek below. this stretch of the hike has been appropriately dubbed, “Vertigo Mile”. thirsty and hungry, 12 miles later, we made it back to the our car. what a beautiful hike, and well worth the achy knees and tired bones last night. dlb posted some great photos on his flickr stream. see them here.


in other news, I’ll be adding some of the things I featured at the sidewalk sale to my shop this week, as well as working on some pre-designed business/calling cards and headers. I’ll plan the shop update for Thursday. in the meantime, check out the Seventy and Sunny blog for recent updates!

7 Responses to “hello!”

  1. bernadette said:

    hi alyson – it was great to meet you on friday! i knew you would be just as cool (actualy more so) as you are online! i’m glad that you mentioned the sidewalk sale since i hadn’t heard of it until you posted about it. i did some damage and then continued on the fabric depot to do some more. oops. good to meet you and i hope to see you soon!

  2. erica said:

    sounds like a great weekend! love the photos.

  3. Dennise said:

    I’m glad it went well. P.S. I can’t stop staring at my new blog header. Thanks again!

  4. Kate said:

    It was so nice to meet you! Oddly enough, the next night I ended up hanging out with some friends and a girl I’d never met before. We ended up talking blogs, and she mentioned how much she likes unruly things. I said, “omg I met Alyson the other night!”

  5. Heidi said:

    Alyson, I love the salts at The Meadow (I keep mail-ordering them)…if you get a chance to try the Halen Mon Gold flake salt give it a try. It’s beautiful and one of my favorites right now :) -h

  6. Anonymous said:

    Hi Meme! The pictures of your hiking adventure are beautiful. I am impressed you hiked 12 miles up and down. Awesome!! Glad you had a good weekend. Mommy

  7. Papa Bera said:

    Hi AL:

    This one should get you. Your site is super. Fine job. Your Mom walked me through it, then I Booked marked it for next time.
    I’m impressed. Really liked the pictures on the hike trip. Beautiful country.
    You need to keep my more posted on how oyu do good things like this.
    Papa Bear