house envy

could I possibly love this home any more?
I picked up my neglected October issue of Country Living last night. I was in love when I came across this home tour from Granville, OH. I’m completely smitten with home owner Monique Keegan’s decorating and love for collecting. especially her love for laboratory glassware and science memorabilia.
{from country living}

14 Responses to “house envy”

  1. Colleen said:

    What a gorgeous space!

  2. MGU said:

    I am obsessed with furniture full or drawers. And have I been spoilt here! (and very, very jelous)

  3. nadia said:

    yes i know! it is incredible… i was drooling all over th magazine i had to buy it!!!

  4. Courtney said:

    I just clicked through to check out the whole tour, and every image was beautiful! I am completely in love with this home too!

  5. S.HOPtalk said:

    I’m quite fond of that house myself. I loved seeing the original article in CL where they also featured the “before” and demo of the house.

  6. Mrs.French said:

    it has been waaaaayyyyy too long…this house is perfection.

  7. Chris said:

    How lovely. I keep telling everyone they should pick up a copy of Country Living, because it’s so much more beyond what the title conveys. I’m always awed and inspired by what I read in each issue. And of course mine is neglected right now, too, but I’m reading my way through some other magazines first.

    I really like the last cabinet with all the glass-front drawers/bins. That’d be nice to store foods (potatoes, onions) or linens of some sort.

  8. littlebrownpen said:

    Country Living has some of the best house shots. I haven’t flipped through an issue yet I don’t love. These are so great!

  9. paula said:

    i absolutely love this house too. the case in the last picture would be perfect for me, ha!

  10. Tilda B. Hervé said:

    the second last picture… woooofff… just amazing!!!

  11. .kate said:

    Love these interiors.

    Very Royal Tenenbaums.

    Amazing. I am looking to start a collection of bell jars.
    This place seems right up my alley…

  12. Heather said:

    I really love all of this!!!

  13. .francesca said:

    oh man, my dream home. absolutely. sigh.

  14. Anonymous said:

    This home is even more fantastic in person! Monique has out done herself on this one. The Keegan’s previous homes have been featured in earlier issues of Country Living. They just keep getting better.